Wednesday, September 10, 2003

after about an hour, they finally realized nothing was on tv. between the children shows on disney, the children shows on nick, and the reality tv elsewhere, they decided that their life was enough reality for them.
they both got up, and he went into the bathroom to shower. kind of ironic, seeing on as how he was getting ready to go to work. she sat down, and looked at her writing. she had finished up about 150 pages...but getting kinda bored with it. not that she was getting bored with the writing, just that she had done the same thing for several days, and wanted to do something new. it had been over a week and a half since they had done anything special. she thought back to the morning and the sunrise.

"laying with you
under the rays of the rising sun
i knew from the start
that you were the one
loved you forever
now we are one
now were together
a million miles from home
left behind the past
looking for the future
and spending the rest of my life
with you sitting right here"

it had been so long since she had just let her pen do the writing. she hadnt written poetry since a few days before they had left. it had felt like forever, though it had only been just over 3 weeks. now she started to get homesick. she wondered what was happening at school. what her friends thought. did they think down on her for leaving? or did they applaud her for finally doing something for her. she had tried to make everybody else happy for so long.

* *

after he was finished with the shower, he dried off and looked in the mirror. who he saw wasnt the same person he knew. he started to comb his hair, and noticed how it was already almost dry.
"well thats a plus" he stated in an almost sarcastic tone.
his eyes didnt look the same. they looked a little more harsh. the circles under his eyes hadnt quite gone away yet. the truth be known, he hadn't slept much since they left. he got enough that he wasnt totally exhausted, but not enough to keep him healthy.

he finished getting ready. he left the bathroom, and walked up to his companion, placed his arms around her, and kissed her.
"i love you," he stated.
"i love you too," she replied, half startled.
they still hadnt discussed anything important yet. but the reality was finally starting to sink in. it was the two of them.
"how's the book comming?" he asked
"actually, i wrote something else," she replied "read this."
he read, and felt a cold chill. he hadnt written in so long, longer then she had. he used to write lyrics all the time, but had been so busy, that he couldnt do anything.
"its beautiful..."is all he could bare to choke out
he gave her another hug, then left to get to work.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

"what are you thinking?" she said abruptly.
her comment startled him. it was the next morning. they had fallen asleep on the couch the night before watching of all things, disney. some movie was on, and they just wanted to relax and not do anything. he was awake first noticing she was still laying in his arms, and turned on the tv so as not to cause too much commotion.
she had awaken without him noticing, and for a few minutes, just stared up at him. he was messing with his hair. he missed his long hair, and the ability to actually play with it. she knew something was on his mind.
"where we'd be right now, if we hadnt done this. i wouldnt be here with you right now. i would be asleep, and you would be in school." he replied.
this caused her to think. how would things have worked out if they had stayed home? how will things work out now?
for a little while, she drifted off watching tv. the zoning did them both some good. a chance to ease their minds, to forget everything for a little bit.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

the rest of the journey was pretty mundane. nothing out of the ordinary happened, at least, nothing out of the ordinary for two people that just ran away from home.
they arrived in a little town called la mesa. a nice little place, it was just outside of san diego, 20 minutes from mountains, mexico, and the beach.
he insisted on at least working on chores and honey-do's around the house as compensation for letting them stay in such a place. she spent her days listening to music, and writing. she had gotten a couple chapters written already. in the evenings, they would go outside and relax. one morning, he woke her up...and they watched the sun rise over the mountains.
while cleaning and organizing the attic, he stumbled over a case. his heart immediately lept. he opened it up, and there sat an authentic spanish acoustic guitar. he asked his host about it, and it had belonged to the mans grandfather. when he died, it was passed down, but he didnt know how to play, so it just sat in the attic. for doing all the work around the house, the old man went and bought a set of new strings. this brought a new light upon the house. since music was all the young traveler thought about, actually having an instrument to play again was like heaven. he was either working around the house (harder then ever now that his spirits had been raised) spending time with her, sleeping, or playing the guitar. he was unlocking things he didnt know he could do with a guitar.

* *

over the next few weeks, it was the same thing. he worked, and played guitar, she wrote, and helped him with some of the stuff around the house. it seemed as though they were spending so much time on their own projects, though, that they started to drift apart. they spent time together, but after not leaving each others sight for a week...then not even being in the same room half the time...they just werent quite as close. she missed her family. all she had said and done...she was mad at them, but they were family. she started to doubt if they did the right thing. he was wondering what was going on back home. he would have just barely started college by now, what would his classes have been like? who did he not get to meet? who would he have seen for the first time in years?
they still watched the news. they searched the internet for news on their dissappearing, and it was getting more and more sparse. they saw their families on tv, which pained them all the more. and of course, he was made out to be the bad guy...because he was older. he did not care though. he was still with her. they knew the consequences of this action, yet they had not quite prepared as much as they thought they had. they had not prepared for the feelings of separation from everything they had ever known. they had not prepared for what they were feeling for each other. they still loved each other, but secretly they started to feel slight resentment for the situation they had put themselves in. worse yet, they didnt talk about it. lack of communication was tearing them apart. they were still trying to live in the fantasy world they had left in...not wanting to face the cold harsh reality that what they had done was affecting their entire life. if they made it thru, they could contact their families in just under a year...if not, they would hate each other...and she would return home safely...as the victim. he would return...a kidnapper.

Monday, June 30, 2003

they stopped at a rest stop. she was still asleep, and had rolled over to the other side of the car. he got out, and helped his new guardian fill the tank, and clean the windows. they still had quite a journey in front of them. it was early enough in the morning that the sun hadnt quite risen over the horizon, but it was light enough that they could easily see without many probelms.
"so what did you want to do for a career?" his new friend asked
"i was going to go to college for commercial music...i eventually wanted to get into music videos and independent films," he replied.
that was the extent of the conversation for now. but it was enough to start him thinking. how was he going to support his companion? was running away such a bright idea? all these questions and more flooded his mind. at once, he sank. he started to get dizzy. they got back into the car, and resumed their journey westward.
not much sleep was gained that night. all he could do was think about her. he could not lose her. they had come so far, gone through so much together. it could not end. but how was he going to support her? he couldnt get an actual job. too much paperwork. they would be found. he couldnt live off of the travelers that decided to help them for an entire year either. he was too used to being independent. too used to doing things for himself...he hated depending on other people and things because he didnt know if it would always be there. it was a gamble to be with her...to be dependent on her. he didnt want to lose her, because he had become dependent on her. this was one addiction he did not mind though. he loved her.
"what are you thinking?"
startled by his companion speaking, not even realizing she was awake, he answered,
"really, what are you thinking?"
"how much i love you"
he could not let her know his fears. he did not want her to worry. he did not want her to lose hope. he did not want to lose control, fore he knew if he let on he was scared, she would start to worry. if she worried, he would lose what little strength he had...she was the source of it.
he leaned over and kissed her, and moved back into his spot. she turned, and layed her head on his chest.
"i love you too," she said.
soon she was asleep again, in his arms once more. he had never felt better...never felt more safe.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

yeah it is...ima check all my papers, and find chap one. ill get what i can asap

Saturday, May 31, 2003

Wow, this is new and different...

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